The International Kissing Club

Four Best Friends …Piper, Cassidy, Mei and Izzy are the misfits of tiny Paris, Texas.  Their whole lives, they’ve dreamed of escaping small-town life and seeing the world.
Plus one great idea … So when Piper is the victim of an embarrassing prank, she decides the girls should escape via the school’s international exchange program, in search of fun, love and internet redemption.
Divided by three foreign countries…They grab their passports and jet away to France, Australia and China. 
Multiplied by thousands of new friends…To add spice to their semesters away, the girls start to The International Kissing Club, a Facebook fan page where they can anonymously update one another on all the amazing guys they’re meeting.
Equals Too Many Kisses To Count! Lucky for them amazing guys abound at every turn! But when things don’t go exactly according to plan, will the girls’ romances–or their friendships–survive?
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